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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet Buzz Tea Consent
Posté le mercredi 04/11/2015 à 01h20 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Vidéo virale, vue près d'un million de fois - Sexe : le consentement c'est aussi simple qu'une tasse de thé !
Titre du billet Une petite branlette pour se détendre
Posté le mercredi 04/11/2015 à 00h51 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Pour se détendre un jeune gars s'astique sa bonne bite bien raide devant la cam !
Titre du billet Vous prendrez bien une douche?
Posté le dimanche 01/11/2015 à 22h30 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

l'Art de s'Envoyer en l'Eau. On profite de la chaleur du lieu et de la douceur de l'eau.
Titre du billet Charge massive - Thierry and Axel Perry
Posté le vendredi 30/10/2015 à 18h05 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Thierry and Axel are both skinhead scally lads with big cocks. Loads of great sucking, fucking in 3 positions, and Thierry shoots a massive load ...

Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet La nuit du 31 octobre au 1er novembre, C Halloween
Posté le vendredi 30/10/2015 à 00h46 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

“Si la nuit est noire, c'est pour que rien ne puisse nous distraire de nos cauchemars.”

(Bill Watterson)
Titre du billet Petite branlette d'un brun sexy
Posté le vendredi 30/10/2015 à 00h08 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Ce délectable mec regarde un magazine porno et l'envie lui prend soudain de s'exhiber un peu. Il allume sa cam, sort sa bite et se la branle dans toutes les positions.
Titre du billet Cameron Wilson and His Dildos
Posté le vendredi 23/10/2015 à 17h17 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Wearing a sexy white football kit with white football socks, Cameron was hard before I even started filming. Taking his top off, he showed what a nice tight body he has, with a great six-pack.
Slipping his hard-on out the side of his shorts was really hot, and after taking them off, he got a big black dildo and slowly slid it up his arse. He works it well, speeding up a bit and after that he proceeds
to get an even bigger dildo out! This one is red and pretty thick. It was intense to see it going inside that hungry arse of his. Must have hit the spot as his cock really started to throb.
Sliding that massive dildo in and out Cameron jerks off till he can't hold it in anymore ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet C'est parti pour un pompage de queue
Posté le vendredi 16/10/2015 à 00h36 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Un petit gars va se jeter sur le gland d'un mec viril et va le pomper jusqu'à recevoir en pleine tronche toute son éjaculation.
Titre du billet Bouh! Le 31 octobre c'est Halloween
Posté le mercredi 14/10/2015 à 00h22 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

"Tout passe par le sexe, parce que c'est la chose animale qui nous rattache les uns aux autres."

Citation de Monica Bellucci
Titre du billet Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond
Posté le vendredi 09/10/2015 à 20h33 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Jack Jefferson and Luke Hammond are both handsome lads with awesome fit bodies, and very nice thick 8 inch cocks. They look great together.
After some kissing and licking each others nipples, they take turns sucking each others hot cocks, and when Jack sucks, he really gets into it. He does some great deepthroating,
taking Lukes thick dick all the way down his throat till his face is nestled in Lukes pubes - really horny! Jack is older than Luke, but its Luke that gets to fuck, and he fucks Jack in 3 hot positions,
up against the wall, then Jack rides it really well, rock solid as he slides up and down it, before laying on his back to get fucked deep, till he cant hold back any longer and he shoots a really good load.
Then for a really hot ending, he deep-throats Luke again, getting him close to cumming, then Luke jerks off into his mouth, shooting it onto his tongue, Jack savouring every drop - awesome! ... [+] HardBritLadss
Titre du billet Le plus fort n'est jamais assez fort ...
Posté le vendredi 09/10/2015 à 00h04 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

« Le plus fort n'est jamais assez fort pour être toujours le maître, s'il ne transforme sa force en droit et l'obéissance en devoir. »

Citation « Jean-Jacques Rousseau »
Titre du billet Sneaker - Kiffeurs Underground - DVD SketBoy
Posté le jeudi 01/10/2015 à 01h58 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Mathieu Ferhati et ses potes kiffeurs sont de retour plus hot que jamais dans un sous sol, le lieu de tous les fantasmes !
Dans cette tannière de plaisir, les bogoss sniffent leurs skets et leurs cho7 fumantes, se pompent la queue et se défoncent la rondelle dans une ambiance underground.
Les odeurs se mêlent aux râles des beaux mâles en rut !

Casting: Mathieu Ferhati, Nathan Hope, Mark Humper, Guillermo Cruz, Chad, Illyes, Anthony Cruz
Année de production: 2015
DVD - Norme: PAL
Durée: 80 minutes
Titre du billet Buff Men Fuck Hard!
Posté le mardi 29/09/2015 à 17h59 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Starting off perfectly, the stunning Marco Blaze, smooth chested and amazingly handsome, gets his ass ploughed by hunky Pedro Andreas, trimmed chest and facial hair, both with huge dicks they can’t get enough of! Exploring every inch of their bodies, they take every inch inside their hot wet mouths, and Marco gets his hole truly prepped for the hardcore session he’s going to be subjected to.
Slapping cocks over their well formed pecs and faces, Pedro soon slams inside Marco in great positions before having both loads over his sweaty abs! ... [+] Alphamales
Titre du billet Sam Syron and Tommy Lee
Posté le vendredi 25/09/2015 à 17h41 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Tall, handsome and hung, Sam Syron has a seriously hot session with hot fittie, Tommy Lee. Getting his huge uncut schlong sucked deep before going to work on Tommy's ass, Sam fucks Tommy deep,
in three awesome positions, climaxing with a spectacular cum facial! Starting off in wrestling kit, they get a good feel of each other bulges, before peeling them down and taking their dicks out.
Tommy has a real nice thick one, and Sam's is a whopping nine-incher! They jerk each other off, take off their kit, then Sam lays back and feeds Tommy his huge dick. He is an eager sucker, taking his time,
going deep, barely stopping for breath. Standing now, Sam gets sucked some more with Tommy on his knees, then Sam gives Tommy's meaty dick a bit of a sucking, swallowing it to the base... [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Lee Tyler and Ben Grey
Posté le vendredi 11/09/2015 à 19h44 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Something pretty special here...Lee Tyler is a straight bodybuilder, 6 foot two, skinhead, major tats, and a really big thick meaty uncut cock. He did a couple of solo shoots, and after much persuasion, seeing as he really loves good oral, he finally agreed to let a lad suck his huge dick, with some very horny muscle worship thrown in too! And highly sexed young hottie Ben Grey is the lucky lad who gets to service him. Starting off in just their white sports briefs, Ben rubs oil into Lee's broad, powerful chest, and over his ripped six pack, his pecs are huge. He flexes his biceps for Ben, who rubs oil into them, then he gives his nipples a good sucking as he massages Lee's thick bulge. He drops to his knees, pulls down Lee's undies, and takes hold of his semi hard, big thick uncut meat and starts sucking. Ben goes deep but this is a massive cock, and seriously thick at the base. Ben can't take it all, but he's a talented and eager sucker, and lets Lee fuck his throat. It gets pretty noisy! Next, they're on the sofa. Lee lays back to let Ben take care of his girthy knob with lots more noisy, deep, wet sucking, and more hard face fucking. Then Ben lays on his back with his head hanging off the side of the sofa. Lee kneels to fuck Ben's mouth and throat some more. Ben cock is rock solid, even though that meaty cock pounding his throat is more intense than he can handle at times. Both lads are gagging to shoot their loads now. Lee kneels over Ben and they jerk off together. Lee shoots first, big thick heavy spurts of spunk squirt out over Ben's abs, and Ben shoots immediately after. Another great cum shot, as a powerful load of jizz pumps out over himself.
They laugh a bit, and Lee flexes his bicep and flashes a big smile at us. This is a totally unique, seriously hot, one off video. Unmissable! ... [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Bulldog Pit: Slammed - Behind The Scenes
Posté le mercredi 09/09/2015 à 00h26 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Join the stars of the show from Bulldog's latest production "Slammed!" Packed full of 4 horny bottom's ultimate fantasies, you’re invited to join the team in exclusive interviews as they talk about the fun they are getting up to on set as they dream up their ideal fucks, and get exactly that! Hidden secrets and inside knowledge is spilt as readily as their cum drips from their sweaty young bodies after the dirty deeds are done including the cover shot itself being made! ... [+] BulldogPit
Titre du billet Jason Domino and Jeff Parker
Posté le lundi 31/08/2015 à 20h19 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Tall, handsome, ripped and very well hung Jason Domino might look hard with his sexy skinhead but he is as sensitive as he is strong, and has a very passionate session with cute, dark new muscle boy Jeffrey Parker. Starting off on the sofa, some mutual groping in their sports kit, they strip down to their briefs and take turns working on each others nipples and bulges, both now throbbing inside their undies. Jeffrey takes out Jason's impressive uncut 8.5 inch cock and huge balls. They kiss and jerk off, then Jason gives Jeffrey's thick cut dick some expert deepthroat, then sits back to let Jeffrey takes his time on his huge stiff meat. Jeffrey gets down to some equally skilled sucking, deep and wet, then Jason fucks his mouth. Laying on his back on the side of the sofa, Jeffrey opens his mouth as Jason stands over him to push his cock deep into Jeffrey's throat -- in this position he can swallow the lot -- and it's really hot! Jason works on Jeffrey's amazing bubble butt, pulling his arse cheeks wide to lick his hole, pushing his tongue right in. He stands, then fucks him against the sofa, slow at first, then building up, fucking deeper and harder as he grips him. Next, Jeffrey is on his back on the floor for another deep, intense fuck. Jason builds it up, taking Jeffrey to the edge till he can't hold off ... [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Brute Club and Max Trey
Posté le dimanche 23/08/2015 à 09h10 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

An awesome scene here, with super cute eighteen-year-old fittie Max Trey, in his first ever sex scene, giving handsome and muscular hung young top,
Brute Club, a very thorough servicing. They start off with a little kissing and groping, then Brute strips Max and himself down to their white sports briefs, and Max works on Brutes nipples and growing bulge. Max drops to his knees, and takes out Brute's huge cock, a thick, uncut eight-incher!
He slurps on the bulging head, then takes his time with some very hot oral, sucking deep and letting Brute fuck his mouth and throat.
He stands and they play with each others throbbing dicks, then move to the sofa. Brute lays back, biceps flexed, and lets eager Max work on his fat meat some more, before giving him an even harder face fucking this time. Max lays on his back, legs apart, as Brute works on his hole, first giving him a really good wet deep rimming, then fingering him with one, then two fingers to open up his tight twink hole ready for that extra thick cock.
First Brute fucks him on all fours on the floor, doggie style. He fucks him slow, but it's clearly a very intense fuck for young Max ... [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet La sensation du voyeurisme
Posté le jeudi 20/08/2015 à 18h10 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Voyeurism, Voyeurismus, Voyeurismo.

Le voyeur est toujours captif du réel. Et c'est sans doute pourquoi l'onanisme est sa liberté. (Anthologie De L'erotisme Contemporain)

L’édyose est le terme médical désignant le phénomène d’excitation physique éprouvé par le voyeur face à la représentation du nu.
Titre du billet Max Trey un petit gars de 18 ans
Posté le samedi 15/08/2015 à 01h29 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Appearing on camera for the first time is super cute, 18-year-old Max Trey. He is a little guy, with bright blue eyes, a very cute face, and a ripped, tight body. He starts off on the sofa, playing with his bulge then lifts his top and takes it off to reveal his great six pack! He rubs his nipples and bulge, then takes off his shorts. His bulge grows even bigger in his white sports briefs as he strokes it, till it almost bursts out.
Taking his undies off, Max takes his big cock and plays with it gently, getting it rock solid and throbbing.
It's a big cock, with plenty of foreskin, and a big bulging head on it, plus sexy low hanging balls ... [+] Hard Brit Lads

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