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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet George Basten, Chorche and Caleb Moreton
Posté le mardi 22/12/2015 à 20h28 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

It's lucky young George's birthday, and his friend Chorche and Caleb pop by for a very special birthday surprise!
Closing his eyes, Caleb produces the gift in front of his eyes, - his immense dick! Hanging there like an elephant trunk, George's eyes light up as he takes the thick long slab of meat in and immediately goes in for a hard heavy sucking! Soon all three boys are butt naked, slim and sexy Chorche chowing down on George's thick meat as George can't stop sucking on Caleb's monster! Even when sexy young Chorche is pounding into George's damn sexy ass, he can't get his lips away from Caleb, the fit fucker getting a dick from both ends, firmly stuffed full of big rock hard cock ... Bare Adventures
Titre du billet Masturbateur - Jackers Teaser Stroker
Posté le lundi 14/12/2015 à 01h47 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Plongez dans un bonheur total avec une amélioration de vos branlettes, cette texture double densité, vous fera oublier votre main avec un étonnant réalisme.

Le masturbateur Jacker Teaser est créé dans une matière ultra douce, souple, sans phtalates.
L'un de ses autres atouts: la forme de la canette qui s'adapte parfaitement à la main, et évite de glisser ! Profitez de l'instant, seul ou avec un partenaire.
S'utilise avec un lubrifiant à base d'eau ou de silicone pour augmenter le plaisir
Titre du billet Mike Stafford Dildo Solo
Posté le samedi 12/12/2015 à 00h40 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Mike has striking eyes, and a very sexy body, kind of in between defined and muscular. Smooth body, but nicely hairy legs, and a great 6 pack.
He was rock hard in his blue shorts before I even started filming, and as he lays there stroking it, with his legs wide apart, we get a nice peek at his balls, before he gets his thick 8 inch dick out.
Its one of those totally perfect cocks, just watching him wank slowly is hot. But then he starts to play with arse, rubbing and probing it, before lubing up his finger to play with his arse, first one, then two fingers. After that, he takes a black rubber dildo and slides it inside his moist arse, working it up and down nicely as he jerks off, before shooting a nice big load on that tight six pack ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Hard Ass Pounding Action on the Balcony!
Posté le mardi 08/12/2015 à 17h55 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Troy Bolton deep throats his mate Kallum Ash in such a great way you'll be rock hard in seconds! His thick cock slides down his tight throat without even a gag and throbs in his neck as it gets even harder.
And the ass fucking here is the hardest pounding any smooth young twink could take! Troy takes it like the cock hungry hottie he is.
Wanting every last inch of Kallum’s cock inside him and the amount of spunk he shoots soaks his back and then shares it in a kiss, fucking horny! ... Eurocreme
Titre du billet Un mec s'en prend plein la gueule après une défonce
Posté le lundi 07/12/2015 à 13h18 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Dans une chambre d'hôtel, deux potes s'apprêtent à défoncer le cul d'un gigolo. Les deux coquins s'emparent de ses fesses et lui dilatent le cul
avec leur langue pendant que le gigolo les pompe avec entrain. Puis, chacun passe par son cul, le labourant si fort qu'il a du mal à les sucer.
Après lui avoir élargi le cul à force de l'enculer, les 2 mecs lui giclent abondamment sur la gueule.
Titre du billet Duke M and Dean M
Posté le vendredi 04/12/2015 à 15h52 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Duke M and Dean M are both proper skinhead scally blokes. Duke M has a big beefy muscle build, big tattoos and a thick cock. Dean, tall and toned, has a big 8 inch cock, and both blokes stay rock solid
the entire time. Some horny deep throating from Dean, and nice nipple play, before fucking in a couple of hot positions... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Plan cul au boulot
Posté le vendredi 04/12/2015 à 13h07 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Parce qu'un tiers des salariés a déjà eu une relation sexuelle au taff, " C" trois mecs s'éclates pour bien finir la semaine.
Titre du billet Josh ONeil and Harley James
Posté le vendredi 27/11/2015 à 17h29 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Josh O'Neil is a young rugby lad, about 6 foot 1, and broad with big solid rugby legs. Harley James is slim, defined, and shorter. Hot contrast! Some kissing and nipple sucking to begin with,
before Harley gets onto his knees to take out Josh's big thick cock for some hot slurpy action. They take turns sucking each other, before Josh gives Harley's arse a good licking.
After that, he fucks him in 3 positions... it's really horny when Harley is sitting on it, and Josh is lifting him up and down on his solid dick, before Hartley cums while ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Raw Punishment - Dan and Garry
Posté le mercredi 25/11/2015 à 18h16 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

After being caned by the headmaster, dark-haired cutie Garry Farr gets some extra tender loving from blond roommate, Dan Bix, in the form of a slow and sensual blowjob.
Since Garry enjoys servicing a good stiff cock, he returns the favor before burying his face in the slender twink’s sweet pink hole. Lubing him up with plenty of spit, Garry loosens Dan just enough
to slide his raw cock home and fuck him bareback before feeding him a load of cum. Dan dutifully swallows the load, savoring the flavor before pumping out a load of his own ... Bareback Twink
Titre du billet Brett Wilson and Leighton Cole
Posté le vendredi 20/11/2015 à 21h38 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Brett is one hard fucker, in every sense. He has muscles all over, great pecs and six pack, and awesome legs. There is passion here from the start with lots of kissing and groping.
Thats just the start. When they get into the sucking, its full on, with lots of intense deep-throat from BOTH of them, really excellent, especially as both of them have good size cocks.
Brett then deep rims Leighton's smooth pert arse, before sticking his fingers in, preparing him for the seriously hard fucking that follows ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Fellations sous l'eau dans une piscine
Posté le vendredi 20/11/2015 à 19h05 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Retenez votre respiration, ces 4 mecs avec des queues bien tendues se font sucer la bite par un nageur dans une piscine.
Titre du billet Etudiant découvre le plaisir anal à la chaîne !
Posté le mercredi 18/11/2015 à 12h09 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Gangbang pour ce petit brun qui prend les bites d'étudiants aux couilles remplies de sperme, dans le cul à la chaîne.
Titre du billet Grosse bite à pomper dans les chiottes
Posté le mardi 17/11/2015 à 15h52 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

À genoux cet inconnu avait une belle queue bien tendue qui réclamait qu'on s'en occupe afin de lui purger les couilles.
Personnellement, ça me donne presque envie de participer à l'action et toi?

Titre du billet Luke Desmond Solo
Posté le lundi 16/11/2015 à 00h30 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

In one of Luke Desmond's first ever scene, the 18-year-old builder seemed a bit shy at first. But Luke is one great surprise after another. From when he first lifts his vest to reveal a perfect, toned, beautiful body, with nice pecs and tight six pack, Luke just got better and better. Within seconds of me starting to film, he was running what looked like a really good sized cock, and its very horny just watching him stroke his rock solid dick over his shiny red shorts. But when he took his cock out the side of his shorts, i really wasn't expecting such an enormous one! It's a good nine inches and thick too, and solid as a rock. He takes his time getting himself close to shooting, which is great as he looks awesome from all angles ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Grosse braguette pour petit cul
Posté le mardi 10/11/2015 à 21h07 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Sous son jeans une énorme bite prête à détruire les petits culs imberbes et des rondelles biens lisses.
Titre du billet Max Schutler and Andreas Cavalli
Posté le vendredi 06/11/2015 à 19h00 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Andreas is a big manly guy, at 6 foot 3, with a great body, he has thick 8.5 incher as well.
And he is pretty dominant too, which Max clearly liked, as Andreas shoves his cock right down his throat, making him deep-throat him as much as he could handle.
There's tons of good sucking in this vid. Andreas gives his arse a good rimming before fucking him hard in 3 positions, making him cum whilst being pounded ... Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Un sportif très chaud enfile un jockstrap
Posté le jeudi 05/11/2015 à 23h03 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Un mec brun bandant avec un bon cul en jockstrap, cho7 et skets rek1.
Titre du billet Yeah! Voilà du grand matos
Posté le jeudi 05/11/2015 à 01h38 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Voilà une véritable expert de la branlette qui astique son gland et branle sa longue bite circoncise. Les gars attention à vos petits culs ;-)
Titre du billet Buzz Tea Consent
Posté le mercredi 04/11/2015 à 01h20 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Vidéo virale, vue près d'un million de fois - Sexe : le consentement c'est aussi simple qu'une tasse de thé !
Titre du billet Une petite branlette pour se détendre
Posté le mercredi 04/11/2015 à 00h51 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Pour se détendre un jeune gars s'astique sa bonne bite bien raide devant la cam !

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