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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet Jake Dylan et Ross Drake
Posté le vendredi 09/01/2015 à 17h50 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Young hotties Jake Dylan and Ross Drake work up a sweat in this awesome video.
Wearing shiny sports shorts, the lads start off on the sofa getting a feel of each others bodies, Ross has the tightest six pack you ever saw.
They take turns licking each others nipples and rubbing their throbbing bulges, take their cocks out, Jake's is big and thick, and suck each other deep and wet, with some horny facefucking. Ross stands, and Jake gets onto his knees and deepthroats right to the base, and ripped fittie Ross fucks his willing mouth and throat. Jake lays on his back on the sofa, legs apart, and Ross gives his hairless twink hole a good sloppy rimming, slips a finger in and sucks him as he massages his g-spot. Jake leans against the sofa, arse pushed out, and Ross fucks him deep and strong, building up to give him a major pounding.
Then they flip, with both lads on their sides on the floor, Jake eases his fat dick in making Ross moan, his cock rock solid, as Jake pushes his big meat in and out. The action here is incredible. For a final fuck, Ross is on his back with Jake kneeling, fucking him deep and steady, till Ross cant hold back and he shoots a thick hot load over his bulging sweaty six pack. Jake follows this moments later, squirting powerful jets of spunk clear over Ross's chest.

Fantastic! [+] Hard Brit Lads
Titre du billet Regard vers l'horizon
Posté le lundi 05/01/2015 à 17h59 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

L'effet de la brise soufflant de la mer qui caressait son corps nu.
Titre du billet Jack Green un beau brun au piercing
Posté le vendredi 02/01/2015 à 21h11 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Super cute 19 year old Jack chats first, he is confident, with a great smile and a deep sexy voice. He talks about sex, what he likes, and how he keeps fit. Then the solo begins with Jack stripping from his sports kit down to his white briefs. He has a very hot, fit body, and an impressive hard bulge in his undies, which are moist with precum. Taking out his cock, Jack gently slides his foreskin back and forth over the head, rubbing the precum in,
takes off his undies, and gets down to some very hot solo action, as he plays with his big dick ... [+]
Titre du billet 365 Jours de sexe et de Bonheur
Posté le jeudi 01/01/2015 à 16h57 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Toute l'équipe de vous souhaite une bonne année 2015 et vous remercie pour votre fidélité !
New is the year - New are the hopes - New is the résolution - Happy new year 2015.

Titre du billet Bruno Bernal et Sergi Rodriguez
Posté le mardi 30/12/2014 à 20h07 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Just in from a heavy workout at the gym, Latin studs Bruno and Sergi cool off in the kitchen and Bruno is instantly drawn to Sergi’s huge hairy legs.
Loving what’s at face-level, he can’t help but compliment his bearded young gym buddy who takes all the words he’s given! As Bruno strokes his thigh and down his calf, Bruno tests the water as he licks at Sergi’s trainer, excepting to be knocked back, but Sergi is intrigued and well up for it.
Bruno takes his chance and opens up his trainer and takes a deep breath, breathing in the sweat of the day with Sergi’s foot still in there! Pushing as much of Sergi’s still socked foot into his mouth, Bruno is going crazy of the feeling of cotton and sweat and feet all mixing between his teeth as buff Sergi sits back and lets his kinky friend do what he loves. Laying on the floor, Bruno takes Sergi to a different levels, asking him to push his feet down onto him, over his face, lips, hairy chest and hard dick, trampling the young Latino with his sweaty feet and Sergi obviously loves this, jerking himself as he does Bruno’s bidding ... [+]
Titre du billet Tu n'as pas été sage en 2014 ?
Posté le vendredi 26/12/2014 à 17h35 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Un soir chaud pour le postérieur de ce gars qui va recevoir une fessée* érotique cul nu par Santa Claus qui lui baisse le jean's et le slip
pour qu'il sente encore plus ses mains ! L'année prochaine il va faire gaffe à ses fesses ! Ho Ho Ho

*Spanking est l'acte de frapper les fesses d'une autre personne et causer de la douleur temporaire sans produire des blessures physiques.
Titre du billet James Lewis and Hans Berlin
Posté le jeudi 25/12/2014 à 23h27 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

28 mins of seriously hot action here, as horny handsome muscle dad, Hans Berlin, has a passionate session with eager and willing young twinky lad,
James Lewis. A little kissing and groping, then Hans takes off their sports tops, revealing his powerful tanned and muscular body, in contrast to James who is pale, smooth and slim. James licks and sucks on Hans nipples whilst getting a feel of the thick throbbing bulge in his shiny shorts, giving the eager young sub an instant stiffie too. Hans pulls his meaty uncut cock out of his shorts, then reaches inside for James's dick, also rock solid, and pushes James down to his knees. He licks Daddys precum, then opens wide to fill his mouth with that big thick cock, giving it a slow, sensual sucking. Hans pushes his cock in as deep as he can, then grips James head and gives him a real hard facefucking ... [+]
Titre du billet Sweet and Raw: Johnny Cruz, Denis Reed, et Ennio Guardi
Posté le mercredi 24/12/2014 à 16h51 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Ennio Guardi and Denis Reed pick up fetish twink whore Johnny Cruz.
Each decked in sexy, lingerie-type underwear, they make a Johnny sandwich, and make out.
Coating each other with baby oil, Johnny soon ends up sucking one, then the other, before getting spit-roasted between two large, fat pieces
of uncut meat. Easy entry provides for maximum pleasure as the two hunks take turns tag-teaming skinny Johnny’s holes before feeding him their loads. [+]

Titre du billet Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année! - Good end of year celebrations
Posté le vendredi 19/12/2014 à 20h38 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Vous êtes de plus en plus nombreux à consulter notre blog , et nous vous en remercions.
Nous vous souhaitons à tous de très bonnes fêtes de fin d'année accompagnées d'une kyrielle de liens d'amitié et d'amour sans cesse renforcés ,
d'un bon coquin et d'autres plaisirs !
Titre du billet Pierre et Nick Gill
Posté le vendredi 19/12/2014 à 17h55 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Nick Gill’s had a hard day so he heads to his friend Pierre for a massage. The oil is hot but Pierre’s touch is hotter. Next thing he knows, Nick’s got his mouth full of cock. Pierre pumps away, fucking Nick’s face before returning the favor and ending up in a 69. The twinks rim each other and it’s a toss-up on who’s getting fucked first. But Nick is the one that needs to release the tension the most so Pierre slides home, stretching his sweet, raw hole.
Once he’s good and relaxed, Nick then turns the table on Pierre, fucking him bareback and making him moan before delivering a tasty load straight to the mouth. Pierre strokes one out from there, which Nick tastes, and shares with his masseuse. And now Nick is well and truly relaxed ... [+]

La référence du liveshow Gay - The reference webcam Gay
Titre du billet Fred Faurtin, Ivan Rueda et Robin Hole
Posté le mardi 09/12/2014 à 18h39 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Putting on a show for total French hunk Fred Faurtin, Ivan and Robin start sucking each other off as he jerks, watching them enough each others bodies. Ivan, catching sight of the sheer size of his dick soon wraps his hot wet lips around, letting it fuck the back of his throat as Robin tongues his sweet hole. The dark haired Spaniard loves having his body serviced and nipples tugged, and when he’s got the handsome Fred doing it, nothing could be hornier!! Lovers of rimming will adore this scene, there’s tonnes of ass eating, getting them all sopping wet and red from the hot stubble.
Caught in the middle once again, Ivan has the pleasure of Fred ploughing his ass while getting fed rock sold dick!! Daisy chaining, we can see Ivan
relishing the job on centre fucker as his hole gets fucked harder, ... [+]
Titre du billet Qu'as tu fait de ton week end ? :)
Posté le dimanche 07/12/2014 à 04h16 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Quand un bomec aux belles fesses bombées vous autorise à la retourner en levrette, il ne s'agit pas que de vous branlez votre grosse queue
au-dessus. Bref, un cho du boule à ne pas louper !

Titre du billet Racailles Enculés Foutrés (Viols dans ma cité 3)
Posté le jeudi 04/12/2014 à 02h14 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Les caves des quartiers. 6 racailles se partouzent, s’enculent et se sperment la bouche pour du fric devant des mateurs.
Pendant ce temps, Taddeu, un corse, défonce à mort deux lycéens sur son palier…
Dans un squat deux racailles s’enculent. Un 3e les choppe, les encule et les sperme… Marwan Macoub aussi est enculé…
Léo quand à lui choppe un étudiant dans la rue et l’entraine dans une cave. Il l’encule à mort.

Dans les caves les culs sont violés en force et le sperme s’avale. Ce film devient vite un reportage sur les nuits dans la cité.

Viols dans ma cité 3 (Disponible chez AGayN)
Année de sortie DVD : 2014.

Le premier film de la trilogie Viols dans ma cité disponible en streaming et en téléchargement légal !
Titre du billet Patrik et Thomas Fiaty
Posté le mercredi 03/12/2014 à 16h48 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Thomas Fiaty is taking a bubble bath and having a bit of fun by himself when Patrik shows up.
The bigger, beefier jock type takes a shower, still fully hard after fucking a friend in another room.
Thomas jerks off in the tub, watching Patrik wash and rinse off. The tattooed hunk then gives himself an enema, teasing Thomas with a show.
After joining Thomas, the two trade blowjobs and Thomas rims Patrik’s tight, hot ass.
He thinks he’s going to fuck the jock but ends up bent over with the fat, uncut slab of meat stretching out his sweet, raw hole.
Thomas pumps out an incredible amount of jizz while riding Patrik before dropping to his knees and eating the inked jock’s load. ... [+]
Titre du billet Behind the Scenes: Worshipped
Posté le mardi 02/12/2014 à 17h46 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Sneaking a glance in the changing rooms or in the park of some bare feet or sexy new trainers is enough for some people, but not these horny fuckers! They take any excuse tow work their hands on a muscled hairy leg, but instead of going up to the waiting big dick, they head south and towards their feet. Lapping at the plastic and leather trainer, pulling on their white socks and sniffing the wondrous scent of sweat it collects until the foot is exposed and their lips and tongue reach heaven between those toes and against the smooth sole and heel of their buddies foot. These young men have a very real fetish and get instantly hard as they introduce their big dicked friends to it, getting them in a spin as their feet and licked, sucked and truly worshipped, not forgetting to give them what they want, but even after ass-stretching anal, we get spun back to shoot over trainers, feet and toes!
The perfect introduction to feet worship is here, and is a damn lot hotter than you might think ... [+]
Titre du billet LiveShows - Tips no limit les lundis de décembre
Posté le lundi 01/12/2014 à 12h55 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Tous les lundis du mois décembre 2014 dès 17h00 !

Profitez des soirées TIPS NO LIMIT pour mater les mecs complètement nus en public !
Vous voulez voir plus ? Pas de souci, les shows webcams hard en public sont aussi autorisés !

Titre du billet Espagnol - Angel Cruz
Posté le jeudi 27/11/2014 à 21h09 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Sexy, sweet Spanish boy Angel is a sexual firecracker! He couldn't wait to get in our locker room, strip down to his trainers and show us what he's got. Taking charge right from the start he introduces himself for the interview and clearly can't wait to get naked, though being the big tease that he is, he restrains himself and takes it slows. Doing a few push ups and bench dips as a last and final pump before he pumps his thick cock! getting not-so-little Angel out of his underwear he plays with a rubber cock ring, even swapping it for another model before relaxing and beating off for the cameras! ... [+]
Titre du billet Rocco Steele et Brock Rustin
Posté le jeudi 27/11/2014 à 03h38 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

A new gold standard has just been set as huge dicked muscle daddy Rocco Steele and ginger power bottom Brock Rustin are coupled together in this torrid escapade of bareback sex and passionate lust. Brock is nestled in Rocco’s crotch sucking and slurping on his mammoth piece of man meat just as he is eyeing Brock’s firm bubble butt and fuzzy ginger hole. No stranger to being poked by a horse hung top, Brock is treated to the pounding of his life when Rocco’s massive meat slams into his eager crack again and again. Rocco unleashes a total anal assault as Brock is impaled by his tree trunk shaft.
He rides his cock like a champ as he unloads his thick creamy nut all over Rocco’s pecs. Ready to erupt himself, Rocco empties his balls all over Brock’s gaping hole as he seeds him deep. This scenes sizzles beyond compare and is well on its way to being a Classic ... [+]
Titre du billet Faites des rencontres gay dans le monde entier
Posté le mercredi 26/11/2014 à 17h33 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Le site de rencontres ForceGay est dédié aux personnes gays et bi à la recherche d'une relation amoureuse ou sexuel.
Connu mondialement, ce site* est l'une des références dans le milieu gay.

Découvrez un site vous offrant des fonctionnalités rapides qui vous permettront de faire des rencontres très vite et de trouver le bon partenaire.
Tchat, webcam, contact emails, annonces avec photos, recherches géolocalisées, vous permettent de faire les rencontres dans votre région en quelques clics et de trouver le partenaire d'une relation intense et unique. Vous trouverez les personnes qui vous conviennent exactement grâce aux critères de sélection. Si un profil vous intéresse, envoyez lui un message ou discutez sur le Tchat pour voir tout de suite si le feeling est réciproque... [+]

*Fonctionne sur (PC, Mac, tablettes, smartphones compatibles)
Titre du billet Greg David, Brice Farmer et Ivan Rueda
Posté le mardi 25/11/2014 à 19h14 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Muscle hunk Greg teams up with toned twinks Brice and Ivan for a spit roasting session by the bar!! Tattooed Spaniard Ivan is a real cock
hungry young guy, taking both hung dudes in at both ends as then making sure they both get a go on that peachy butt as he’s held in place and jerks himself!!
Brice’s abs are to die for as they ripple from beneath his flawless skin, tensing with every push forward.
Keen to fulfil every aspect, Brice takes centre stage as he becomes the spit-roast, Ivan working his dick inside him as Greg gets his cock
sucked before releasing literally, gallons of jizz over the French beauty! [+]

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