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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet Rocco Steele et Brock Rustin
Posté le jeudi 27/11/2014 à 03h38 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

A new gold standard has just been set as huge dicked muscle daddy Rocco Steele and ginger power bottom Brock Rustin are coupled together in this torrid escapade of bareback sex and passionate lust. Brock is nestled in Rocco’s crotch sucking and slurping on his mammoth piece of man meat just as he is eyeing Brock’s firm bubble butt and fuzzy ginger hole. No stranger to being poked by a horse hung top, Brock is treated to the pounding of his life when Rocco’s massive meat slams into his eager crack again and again. Rocco unleashes a total anal assault as Brock is impaled by his tree trunk shaft.
He rides his cock like a champ as he unloads his thick creamy nut all over Rocco’s pecs. Ready to erupt himself, Rocco empties his balls all over Brock’s gaping hole as he seeds him deep. This scenes sizzles beyond compare and is well on its way to being a Classic ... [+]
Titre du billet Faites des rencontres gay dans le monde entier
Posté le mercredi 26/11/2014 à 17h33 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Le site de rencontres ForceGay est dédié aux personnes gays et bi à la recherche d'une relation amoureuse ou sexuel.
Connu mondialement, ce site* est l'une des références dans le milieu gay.

Découvrez un site vous offrant des fonctionnalités rapides qui vous permettront de faire des rencontres très vite et de trouver le bon partenaire.
Tchat, webcam, contact emails, annonces avec photos, recherches géolocalisées, vous permettent de faire les rencontres dans votre région en quelques clics et de trouver le partenaire d'une relation intense et unique. Vous trouverez les personnes qui vous conviennent exactement grâce aux critères de sélection. Si un profil vous intéresse, envoyez lui un message ou discutez sur le Tchat pour voir tout de suite si le feeling est réciproque... [+]

*Fonctionne sur (PC, Mac, tablettes, smartphones compatibles)
Titre du billet Greg David, Brice Farmer et Ivan Rueda
Posté le mardi 25/11/2014 à 19h14 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Muscle hunk Greg teams up with toned twinks Brice and Ivan for a spit roasting session by the bar!! Tattooed Spaniard Ivan is a real cock
hungry young guy, taking both hung dudes in at both ends as then making sure they both get a go on that peachy butt as he’s held in place and jerks himself!!
Brice’s abs are to die for as they ripple from beneath his flawless skin, tensing with every push forward.
Keen to fulfil every aspect, Brice takes centre stage as he becomes the spit-roast, Ivan working his dick inside him as Greg gets his cock
sucked before releasing literally, gallons of jizz over the French beauty! [+]
Titre du billet Moment viril et tendre entre gars
Posté le lundi 17/11/2014 à 12h41 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Pour les mecs qui ne pas craignent d'abandonner leur virilité pour un moment de tendresse !

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Titre du billet Dan Jones , handsome guy
Posté le vendredi 14/11/2014 à 18h19 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Fit blonde straight lad Dan Jones chats first, wearing adidas tracksuit, chats first, his voice is deep and very laddish.
The solo begins with some groping as he lays back on the sofa, and Dan gets a nice bulge in trackie bottoms.
He unzips his top to reveal his smooth body with ripped abs, then pulls down his trackies, his thighs are muscular,
and he works on the growing bulge in his white briefs. [+]
Titre du billet Sven Laarson et Tom Byron
Posté le mercredi 12/11/2014 à 17h46 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Slender, blonde hottie, Sven Laarson is getting into the spirit of the World Cup Series with dark-haired footie pal, Tom Byron.
Each sports their favorite teams colors as the kick the ball around, dressed only in jockstraps. The two are soon making out, stripped down naked, and practicing maneuvers rarely used on the field! Tattooed and sexy Tom goes down on the twink before kicking back and offering up his own dick for service. He soon awards Sven a penalty goal and the blonde takes full advantage, rimming Tom's slightly hairy hole before straddling his cock and riding him. But Sven turns the table on Tom and guides his pretty cock inside Tom. As the score climbs, the players build towards a fevered pitch,
each scoring an amazing field goal with a sticky, creamy finish! [+]
Titre du billet Anton Knight, Nicolas Torri et Robin Hole
Posté le mardi 11/11/2014 à 17h25 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Taking us to Paris, we are immediately greeted by hung stud Anton fucking a yelling bottom dude, both clad in leather, Anton’s mighty dick chokes Nicolas as his face is fucked hard. Moving to his hairy ass, Anton chews on his hole, lubing it up for all 9 inches to slam inside, bending him over the oil drum and thrusting hard and fast, it’s no wonder he screams out!! Coating each other is their loads of spunk, it truly does fly over their sweaty bodies,
dripping down face and chest, all whilst Robin watches on! [+]
Titre du billet BOSS.II - The Initiation
Posté le vendredi 07/11/2014 à 18h43 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

In a city apartment a money laundering operation is nearing completion. Piles of cash litter the coffee table as two thugs count and check it. A third man, Wade Steel is in the kitchen making cups of tea, unaware of what is about to happen. The front door bursts open and Wade hears 4 loud shots and freezes in terror, the low roar of the kettle the only sound in the wake of the gun shots. After the deed is done JP walks in behind his two men to assess the situation and grabs himself a tidy profit. Curiosity gets the better of Wade and he heads to the living room to investigate.
JP intervenes, stopping his men milliseconds before he's the third body in the room.
He likes the look of this guy and thinks he could be useful but first a test. He orders his men to leave them and takes Wade into a nearby room,
leaving the scene of devastation behind them. Grabbing him by the tie he gets to work by pulling him in for a kiss, Wade resists at first but soon gives in, completely forgetting about his comrades in the next room. Literally tearing JP's shirt open to reveal his hard and lean muscular body, chewing on his pierced nipples, JP takes the blue collared shirt of this handsome thug, and is very impressed by his bulging muscular frame ... [+]
Titre du billet Tom Long et Sam Bishop
Posté le vendredi 31/10/2014 à 17h07 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

A very hot, strong video, featuring handsome, super hung new model, Irish lad, Tom Long, getting his meaty uncut nine inch schlong serviced by horny deep throating power bottom Sam Bishop. The lads start off kissing and groping, getting big hard bulges in their shiny sport shorts.
Taking their tops off, Sam gives Tom's nipples a good suck, then they reach inside to pull out their stiff dicks. Tom has a massive nine inch cock, thick and uncut, and Sam's is pretty big too. Sam drops to his knees to give Tom's monster dick a good sucking. he manages to suck pretty deep, and get his face and throat fucked too. On the sofa Sam lays back to get sucked by Tom, then eager to get that cock back down his throat, Sam sucks Tom again, in a 69 position, and manages to swallow the entire nine inches down his throat, making Tom gasp with pleasure.
Tom works on Sam's arse, rimming him deep, then pushing two fingers in the stretch his hole as he sucks his dick. Eager to fuck now, Sam rides it for a bit first, then Tom grips his butt cheeks to thrust in harder. Next, Sam is on all fours as Tom gives him another deep fucking. Next, they are on the floor, Sam lays on his side to get a real hard deep fucking, leaving them both drenched in sweat. As his hole gets severely stretched and pounded by Tom's huge cock, the spunk explodes out of Sam's dick. Pulling out, Tom moves round to squirt his cum over Sam's face and into his mouth, making him clean up every last drop. Unmissable! ... [+]
Titre du billet Male model - Gay International
Posté le jeudi 30/10/2014 à 20h28 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Pour l'automne 2014, on s'offre un regard sensuel et une pause sexy sur le corps masculin.

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Titre du billet LockerJock: Alexx Desley
Posté le jeudi 30/10/2014 à 19h11 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Sexy, dirty Alexx Desley hails from Amsterdam and brings with him a quiet and understated swagger. Confident, cool and chilled out, Alexx is quite a contradiction from his loud appearance, which just adds to his charming allure. There practically isn't a part of his sexy, ripped and tanned body that doesn't have a fun and quirky tattoo on it. He says each one has a story, or represents a part of his life that he wants to remember.
Very Dutch and endearing. Not to mention his thick veiny, and pierced cock which is always oozing pre-cum. Yum yum! ... [+]
Titre du billet Vidéo - Andrew Christian - BLOW!
Posté le mercredi 29/10/2014 à 17h02 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Music : "Distance" By Zeph/Getty Images.
Casting : Eric East, Jacob Ford, Jimmy Fanz, Peter Le, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran.

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Titre du billet Bulldog Pit: Croisé - Dans les coulisses
Posté le mardi 28/10/2014 à 17h44 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

The original place for sordid and unsolicited sex, toilets are the den of rough and ready fucking, the home of indiscreet and very public shows of raw sexual energy, where you don’t know who you’re fucking and you don’t even care. Checking out what’s on offer at the urinal, you choose the biggest dick on show and the cubicle will be your domain for as long as it takes for the spunk to start flowing. The horny fuckers here are in for a treat, every dick on display is huge; from Steven Prior to Darius Ferdynand by way of 9.5 inches of Kayden Gray, there’s not going to be a tight hole left once the night is through. Muscles pour with sweat, dicks drip with cum and holes twitch, covered in spit.
The men have got what they wanted and the job is done [+]
Titre du billet Indic est nominé aux PinkX Gay Vidéo Awards
Posté le lundi 27/10/2014 à 20h05 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Indic, le film a gros budget de l'année 2013, a reçu deux récompenses le 25 octobre 2014.
Élu “Meilleur réalisateur” Ludovic Peltier du studio Menoboy et Indic sacré “Meilleur film” Français.

Synopsis :
Suivez les hommes de la Police Judiciaire dans leur traque du redoutable Nicolas Brass.
Une poursuite infernale qui mêle corruption, dérapages, abus de pouvoir et bien sûr... dépravation, chez les malfrats comme au sein de la police !
Le commissaire passe souvent à la vitesse supérieure pour faire parler ses suspects: on leur baisse le froc, et on les encule un bon coup
pour leur faire cracher.. le morceau ! [+ mater le film]
Titre du billet Josh Jackman passif pour Adam Nivad au Royaume-Uni Hot Jocks
Posté le dimanche 26/10/2014 à 23h53 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Josh Jackman is one hell of a manly specimen.
His hirsute, tight and beautifully sinewy, muscular body is something to behold. An English guy living in The Netherlands,
we flew this hottie over to get a closer look! A bottom boy and an insatiable sexual beast, this guy performs, grunts and fucks like the best of them.
Seriously one to watch out for! [+]
Titre du billet Êtes-vous Gay ?
Posté le vendredi 24/10/2014 à 01h55 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Je ne voudrais pas être indiscret, mais... êtes-vous homosexuel ? -- Non... non non... et... et vous-même, monsieur,
vous êtes homosexuel ? -- Non ! -- Dommage !

@Pierre Desproges
Titre du billet Job Done Well!! Bulldog Builder Orgy
Posté le mardi 21/10/2014 à 16h26 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

The last day on the job and strip poker is on the cards!! We know what this building site is all about and we know we're in for a real treat.
The orgy is soon underway with everyone sucking each others cock, getting themselves ready for an ass pounding to last a lifetime.
Super bottom Ashley Ryder makes an appearance and takes as much cock as possible in one session, including a great double spit roasting.
The builders end up drenched in cum and dripping with sweat, a sign of a good job done well! [+]
Titre du billet Baise amateur devant la TV
Posté le mardi 21/10/2014 à 13h16 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Il n'y a pas meilleur défonce que devant la tv avec son pote !
Ce brun allongé sur la moquette, et son pote au dessus qu'il lui enfonce sa queue pendant qu'il mate la télé ...

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Titre du billet Prévention : "Pas de préservatif, pas de sexe"
Posté le mardi 21/10/2014 à 00h59 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Que l'on soit jeunes ou vieux, gays ou hétéros.
Découvrez la version gay de la nouvelle campagne de lutte contre le SIDA (VIH) de l'association française AIDES.

Titre du billet La multiplication des Pines
Posté le mardi 21/10/2014 à 00h03 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Ca chauffe en cuisine: le commis suce l'apprenti qui branle le 1er de cuisine pendant que le chef l'encule.
Qui suce une grosse queue se fait bouffer le cul, qui embrasse l'un défonce le cul de l'autre.
A deux, puis trois, puis quatre, puis cinq, c'est un tourbillon de culs sucés, de glands léchés, de pipes à deux bouches ou à deux bites
et finalement un déluge de foutre qui gicle de toutes les queues à la fois.

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