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Le blog est décomposé en unités d'énonciation datées, appelés billets ou articles / The blog is broken up into dated units of stating, called tickets or articles Mes Billets/Articles

Titre du billet Zac West et Junior Price
Posté le jeudi 11/09/2014 à 18h34 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Junior et Zac ont pris leur Range Rover Sport pour un peu de shopping, ils stationnent en place et ne pensent plus.
A leur retour, ils sautent dans et à se préparer à faire, mais il ya un problème, la voiture ne démarre pas? Zac n'arrive pas à comprendre
quel est le problème, mais la batterie semble être complètement à plat. Il a laissé d'autre choix que d'appeler un camion de récupération
pour remorquer sa fierté et sa joie. Ils lui disent au téléphone que ça va être une couple d'heures jusqu'à ce qu'ils puissent sortir pour eux.
Quelles sont les deux HotJocks isolés à faire avec eux-mêmes? Zac a une idée et il ne s'agit pas d'attendre patiemment.
Ils dépouillent les uns les autres en plein parking, les baisers, à tâtons avant de sucer les uns des autres suffisamment de viande.
C'est une grosse montée sur le capot afin junior met un pied sur le pare-chocs et prépare son cul pour se faire baiser!
Zac claque sa bite juniors fesses et broie son corps parfait serré contre lui, le faisant gémir et grogner.
Titre du billet Bareback That Hole: Max Cameron et Nick Tiano
Posté le mercredi 10/09/2014 à 15h10 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Max is on his knees sucking and slurping on Nick’s thick headed meaty cock as his own boner is dancing and bopping back and forth.
He pushes Nick onto the bed as they both entwine into a 69 position. Gorging on each other’s cock it’s not long before their tongues are rimming one another. Nick’s pink hole is twitching and eager to be filled just as Max is ready to fuck some bare ass.
He slides into Nick’s raw hole as his cock disappears into his crack. Max pounds his ass deep as he grinds his dick deeper into him.
It’s Nick’s turn to return the favor as he flips Max onto on all fours.
He pushes his raw cock into Max’s ass with such ease and delight.
Each working up a fantastic sweat as they continue to flip fuck each other back and forth.
Nick unleashes his nut all over Max’s chest just as Max is unloading his nut all over Nick’s raw hole.
He throws his cock back into his ass as he continues to seed Nick full of load.
They collapse in cheerful bliss covered in their own sloppy juices!

Bareback That Hole: Max Cameron et Nick Tiano
Titre du billet Daemon Sadi et Santiago Rodriguez
Posté le mercredi 03/09/2014 à 16h57 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Sadi et sa grosse bite noire dominent Santiago Rodriguez.
Daemon loves nothing more than picking them up and putting them how and where he wants them.
Santiago, being a big bottom, just couldn’t say no to a huge fucking cock. So he wraps his lips around that fucker and sucks away, getting Daemon rock hard. Daemon then slides his raw dick up Santiago’s slut hole and starts pounding the daylights out of him while Santiago simply keeps begging for more. And he doesn’t stop until he gets that load out of that massive cock! Breed Me Raw [+]
Titre du billet Spencer Reed, Dominic Pacifico & Billy Baval
Posté le mardi 02/09/2014 à 18h43 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

First through the door of the sexiest apartment in London is the olive-skinned bottom boy Dominic Pacifico joining Spencer Reed and his cameraman who’s luckily there to capture every sordid moment! Stretching his buttcheeks wide, Dominic is definitely one hungry man eager for as much in his ass as he can handle. Solely with Spencer for a while until Brazilian stud Billy Baval turns up, he’s just another top to please this insatiable butt-boy!
Joining the party straight away, Billy’s smooth torso and hot beard looks amazing between the muscle of Spencer and the fuzzy Dominic!
The action just gets hotter and hotter as Spencer brings out a flip-cam for his own recording of this unprecedented meeting of musclemen! With Billy taking the first fuck of the day, his big thick dick goes way up into Dominic, and then Spencer gets too hot to handle and has his own turn on that inviting butt! With Spencer sucking and fucking at the same time, it’s no wonder Billy is spunking over Dominic already before licking his own load up,
ready for the next group to turn up! ... World Of Men [+]
Titre du billet Hum! Hum! t'es trop chaude ma console
Posté le samedi 30/08/2014 à 12h54 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Selon une étude publiée par Pornhub, les joueurs Playstation (46 %) sont ceux qui passent le plus de temps à regarder des vidéos porno
à partir de leur console, juste derrière eux se trouvent les possesseur d'un Xbox (41 %), suivi de la Wii avec (6,4 %).
Toutefois l'étude ne précise pas à quelle période correspondent ces statistiques.

Titre du billet Le plus gros fournisseur de contenus pour adultes dans le monde, fête les 40 ans d'Hustler
Posté le vendredi 29/08/2014 à 16h14 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Larry Claxton Flynt, Jr (71 ans), l'empereur du porno, célèbre les 40 ans de son magazine mensuel pornographique «Hustler».
Larry Flynt* a expliqué qu'il continuerait à publier le magazine si il reste rentable mais irait numérique si elle commence à perdre de l'argent.

*Le 6 mars 1978, un extrémiste, lui tire desssus et Larry Flint devient paraplégique depuis il roule en fauteuil plaqué or.
Titre du billet Fans de voitures ? Sam Barclay et Seth Knight
Posté le jeudi 28/08/2014 à 17h16 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Avoir une grosse voiture aide-t-il à chopper plus ?

Body shop buffer boy Seth has had a long day in the shop cleaning cars. The shops owners shiny black Rolls Royce Ghost looks the business and has already had a hard going over that day. The owner isn’t happy with the job and instructs Sam to pass on the message that it needs buffed up again.
Seth is pissed off, the car is spotless and there’s nothing more that can be done to it.
Maybe if it were dirtied up he wouldn’t feel so bad about cleaning it again? He takes the opportunity to take a seat in the height of automotive luxury.
Seth is quite enamoured with his surroundings, stroking the smooth leather, hardwood and titanium interior, playing with the features of this future classic car. Slipping into the back seats he flips on the DVD player, someone has left a porno in the machine! Who would want to miss the opportunity for the poshest of all posh wanks? So he lets himself go, getting his hard cock out and beating off, unbeknown to him Sam is coming back to check on his progress.
... Sam Barclay and Seth Knight - UKHotJocks [+]
Titre du billet Steven Prior, Kayden Gray et Nathan Gear
Posté le mardi 26/08/2014 à 18h07 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Keeping the party going at his, Steven Prior hooks up with clubbers Nathan and Kayden and they are soon on a dick size contest!
All three buff young studs have massive dicks but skinny young Steven wins the round! Much to the delight of big bottom boy Nathan,
he's got his wish of two giant dicks out on his sofa, both hard and both eager for action! As all three men get to work on each other's dicks,
it's the star of the show that gets tongue-tussled between Kayden and Nathan whilst Steven sits back and lets them both work on his massive member.
As cock whore Nathan shoves it down his throat, Kayden wants a go too, and they fight over it, as anyone would!
As they both compete to deep throat the immense slab of meat, the spit is flowing and Steven's dick is soon slick.
More and more cock sucking just makes Nathan hornier than hell and his ass is soon complaining of the lack of action that end!
To make up for this, he's given the full girth and length of Kayden's own prime man meat straight up his hungry butt ... [+]

Source: Bulldog Pit
Titre du billet ErosPhère : l'Evénement des créativités érotiques
Posté le mardi 26/08/2014 à 13h11 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Le festival des créativités érotiques se tiend à Paris (France) du mardi 26 au dimanche 31 août 2014.
Trois thématiques érotiques sont à l'œuvre : art, emprise, et énergie.
Ouvert à un public varié : hétéros, échangistes, féministes, gays, lesbiennes, BDSM, polyamoureux.

Erosticratie invites you to a new artistic and international event dedicated to sensual cultures.
The first edition takes place in Paris, from Tuesday 26 to Sunday, August 31, 2014.

Site officiel / Official website :

Titre du billet Vidéos porno a télécharger sur son smartphone
Posté le dimanche 24/08/2014 à 17h33 RSS signifie Really Simple Syndication

Avec la démocratisation des Smartphones ou téléphone intelligent, il devient nécessaire de penser et s'adapter à une nouvelle forme de navigation
sur petit écran. Il est important d'épurer les choix, de limiter le contenu pour ne garder que l'essentiel + de 1200 vidéos pornos gays à la demande.
Vous disposez d'un téléphone mobile ou smartphone avec accès internet, "il suffit de saisir" depuis le navigateur l'adresse :

Pendant l'année 2013, les constructeurs ont vendu un peu plus d'un milliard de smartphones dans le monde.

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